About Us

L.A. Hearne Company has been owned and managed by the same local family since 1938.

With the assistance of many great people in management staff of our Company, it is our goal to provide exceptional service while offering consistent quality products that ensure your satisfaction.

Our company was founded by Larry Hearne as a bean cleaning operation in the middle of the Salinas Valley in Monterey County, California.
Although we continue to clean beans our operations have expanded into several other ventures.

Larry and Irene Hearne had 4 sons (Larry Jr., Dennis, Frank, and Tim) and 1 daughter (Pat). All the boys were involved in the management of the operation. The ‘boys’ have all retired and the operation of the Company is managed by 8 third generation cousins. There are also several 4th generation working for the Company.


The Company employs approximately 100 full time employees divided into the following divisions:


Farm Products

Dry Beans conditioning & sales
Fertilizer blending, application, & sales
Grain Merchandising
Seed conditioning and sales


Bulk and sacked manufacturing of King Brand Feed
Toll milling of specialty feeds
Wholesale distribution of feed, pet foods, and complimentary products


Fleet that can handle a diversity of products


King City Farm Store
Prunedale Farm Store

Rental Properties

Bulk and flat dry storage
Open space


Construction, Maintenance and Repair

L.A. Hearne Company’s Mission: L.A. Hearne Company has been in business since 1938. The integrity of the owners and employees will always be the foundationfor our reputation within our company, the industries we serve and our community.

Customer service is the building block for our future. it is the catalyst that provides maximum benefits to all parties. It is our mission to provide the highest level of customer service while offering quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction, employee development and long term company growth and profits.