Although L.A. Hearne Company’s beginning goes back to 1938 our Fertilizer Division really got its start in the early 1960’s.

Most of the sales of that time revolved around dryland grain farming as we supplied equipment and materials to local farmers.

In the 1970’s we expanded our sales into the rapidly evolving vegetable industry. We continued to work with local dryland customers but expanded into bulk sales of liquid products delivering truckload quantities to irrigated farms around King City.

By the 1990’s we added application equipment as the demand from our customers required ‘full service’ capabilities.

As the division continued to grow so did the services we provide and in the year 2000 we embarked on a facility expansion adding 30,000 square feet of storage and blending facilities as well as 8 acres of parking for our tractors and equipment for our growing application demand.

Shortly after our expansion organic produce demand was on the rise. Our first experience of organic fertilizer was importing Peruvian Seabird Guano. This product was inefficient to handle and the supply was unreliable. Production of chickens in the Central Valley developed into a byproduct industry with chicken manure compost being used as a main ingredient for organic fertilizer supply.

The analysis of organic fertilizer is lower than conventional materials so the grower has to apply more organic product per acre to meet the plant’s nutritional needs. Sometimes that can amount to 10 times conventional rates. There was virtually no equipment available on the market to handle these higher application rates so our Field Department developed equipment that can efficiently and accurately get this difficult task done.

We are proud of where we’ve come from and excited about what is in front of us. Our customers are extremely important to us. We supply materials, but more importantly we strive to help growers with the challenges they face daily. We are constantly on the lookout for new materials that are more pure, meaning growers can use less per acre, or materials that can improve the health of the soil which transitions to healthier plants.

We hope we can be of service to you. Please review our products and services. If you have questions don’t hesitate in calling a contact listed on this site.

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